Сервисные интерфейсы / Сервисный интерфейс FrontCom IP 65

FrontCom® Vario integrates several functions in just one single or double frame. The system is easy to install and you can select from a wide range of data, signal and power modules. FrontCom® Vario is not only extremely compact, but also offers you the possibility of effectively increasing the availability and productivity of your systems using protected service interfaces on the enclosure walls of your panels, because the system enables many service jobs to be carried out during ongoing operation and avoids waiting times for specially authorised specialist personnel. Furthermore, the FrontCom® Vario system has an attractive housing design that, by the way, offers highest impact resistance and fully meets the requirements of IP 65 protection class.FrontCom® Micro is ideally used when only a service interface with data access via RJ45 or USB is required. Mounted in a standard 22 mm round hole, it requires minimal space and also offers IP65 protection. Clear and also simple marking can be made by using our SwitchMark markers.

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